Home Accessories   

By Deb Williamson

Keep It Simple

Home accessories include any replaceable items that are easy to move and used to decorate your home, including furniture, window treatments, floor coverings, artwork and decorations. When it comes to accessorizing your home often times less is more. Keep it simple, focus on the basics, and always pay attention to the details!


One of the most important accessories in any home is furniture. Furniture is a great way to add interest and comfort to your living spaces. A comfortable linen upholstered sofa with throw pillows in fun pops of color might be just what your living room needs. Complement it with a couple of unique accent chairs, occasional tables and a pair of table lamps and you’ve created an inviting space to read a book, watch tv or visit with family or friends.


Once you have furniture in your space it’s time to turn your attention to your windows. Window treatments add color, texture and pattern to decorated spaces. They soften a room, provide privacy and often times serve as a focal point. Window treatments come in the form of drapes, blinds, shades and more. These days they are available in a variety of materials including fabric, wood, organic materials such as bamboo, and grass cloth to name a few. Window treatments also provide protection from the sun and can reduce fading of flooring, cabinetry and furnishings.


Hardwoods, tile and solid flooring materials are all the rage in flooring trends these days which makes floor coverings a home accessory you won’t want to forget. Area rugs protect beautiful wood floors from high traffic and are available in an array of colors and patterns. They provide comfort to your feet and serve as a design statement that complement your solid flooring surfaces.


Finally, don’t forget to accessorize your walls and furniture. Oversized artwork, family portraits, clocks and mirrors are all great wall accessory options. For high ceilings and large walls, an oversized wall accessory might be all you need to tie everything together and create a comfortable and cohesive look. Keep decorative items simple and strategically place them around a room, mixing in family photos and greenery to create an inviting space that reflects you!



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Tile Trends

by Deb Williamson

There is one home design trend that seems to have had a huge impact in 2018 and is gaining momentum for the coming year…… and that trend is tile. From floors to backsplashes, walk-in showers to accent walls, floor to ceiling, top to bottom, tile is trending in so many versatile ways and can be found in nearly every room of the home.  

Subway Tile

One very classic tile that has resurfaced over the past few years is subway tile.  Subway tile makes a timeless statement in kitchens, bathrooms and mud rooms. Today’s subway tiles come in a large variety of sizes and are available in every color under the sun. This allows homeowners the opportunity to take a timeless element and customize it to their personality by choosing just the right color, size and finish. From traditional to transitional and modern to rustic there are subway tiles available to accent any style. Traditionally, subway tile has been installed in a horizontal, offset pattern but today, if you want a more modern look try stacking the tile, running it vertically or installing it in a herringbone pattern. No matter what your project, I’m sure there’s a subway tile that can enhance your design.

Hardwood Appearance

Another tile trend that has become popular recently is tile that looks like hardwood flooring. The wood plank tiles come in a variety of colors and wood species. Not only do these tiles look like wood grain but with high-definition inkjet technology they also have the grainy texture. These tiles are especially popular with heated slab foundations as finding a real wood flooring that will accommodate heated floors can be difficult and expensive. Tile is easier to maintain than real wood floors, more durable, costs less, and is moisture resistant which makes these tiles a great alternative to real wood floors and is why we will see this trend continue.

Tile Patterns

Finally, my favorite trend in tile is patterns. In 2018, pattern tiles started popping up on the shelves of every tile shop and home improvement retailer in the country. Statement tiles can transform a space or create a perfect focal point. With playful shapes and pops of color, pattern tile can provide decorative elements and personalize your space. Color, pattern and texture are all equally important elements that bring a designed space together. I highly recommend introducing a pattern tile into your next home improvement project.

No matter what your home improvement plans are for 2019, I’m certain you will find a tile that is perfect for your project. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, shapes, patterns and textures to personalize your space!

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