Refreshing Kitchens!

By Deb Williamson

Kitchen Renovations

Refreshing Kitchen Updates

While April Showers are starting to refresh our outdoors with the hope of May flowers, springtime is the perfect time to start planning for refreshing updates to yourkitchen. Kitchens are the heart of every home. Whether you’re cooking dinner for your family, entertaining friends or just midnight snacking, you’ll find yourself hanging out in the kitchen. That’s why kitchen updates always top the list of homeowners’ wishes and are the focus of so many home improvements. This spring, I would like to offer some fresh ideas to update your kitchen space.

Open Floor Plans

Sooooo….. what do today’s kitchens wish for? Open and airy come to mind. Wide open kitchen layouts that provide unobstructed views of the dining room, living room or outdoors are a must. Homeowners wish-lists include large oversized windows, sinks, islands, hoods and appliances. Other desirable items include cabinets that reach to the ceiling and stacked crown moldings that delight the eye and make the room visibly taller than it actually is. New floor plans need to provide an efficient flow within the kitchen, making it easy to move from the refrigerator to the sink and cooktop within a few steps without feeling crowded. Homeowners are also requesting larger kitchen spaces to accommodate several cooks in the kitchen and plenty of seating for guests.   

Cabinet Ideas

Fresh ideas in the kitchen start with cabinetry. Today’s cabinets offer endless options including numerous wood species, stain colors, paint colors, door styles, and finishing techniques. Your cabinetry plan should not only look great but should also offer you improved function and flow over your existing kitchen. Currently, homeowners are opting for multi-toned kitchens which incorporate a mix of painted and stained cabinets and makes it easy to mix and match furniture and accessories. White painted cabinets are still the most requested cabinet with gray and blue tones following closely behind.

Storage Solutions

Storage solutions are another way homeowners are freshening up their kitchens. Luxury kitchens are re-introducing the butler’s pantry in addition to walk-in pantries and tons of cabinetry. And for those who are lacking space, storage solutions are incorporated into their cabinetry plan, including kitchen pantries, oversized drawer bases, garbage recycling centers, charging drawers and pop-up mixing stands. High-end cabinetry hardware comes standard these days with full extension drawers allowing easy access to items in the back of the drawer and soft-close mechanisms that allow doors and drawers to gently glide shut while eliminating annoying noises.

Countertops Surfaces

Finally, new countertops are great way to refresh an existing kitchen or add the perfect complement to a new one. Solid surfaces such as quartz and granite countertops are highly sought-after options that provide durable work spaces and adds style to the overall kitchen plan. Quartz in black or white seem to be the countertops of choice with their no-maintenance finish and food-safe surface. If solid surfaces aren’t in your budget, there are some great looking high-definition laminates that can finish off your kitchen for a fraction of the price.

Attention to Details

Today’s kitchens require attention to details! Homeowners are using unique, oversized hoods as centerpieces and accenting the space with distinctive materials such as shiplap, stainless steel, huge corbels or wood beams and adorning the backsplashes with beautiful and unique tiles and accessories. Flooring trends are quickly lightening up in color contributing to the light and airy feel that homeowners crave. All of these details combined with an open floorplan create kitchens homeowners are dreaming of. This spring, there’s no better time to start thinking about ways to refresh your kitchen! 

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Innovative Storage Solutions

By Deb Williamson

Use the Winter Weather to Get Organized

Kitchen Storage SolutionsThe bone-chilling, miserably cold weather has arrived! Even though the calendar disagrees, February always feels like one of the longest winter months. For many homeowners this is a great time to get organized, while others struggle with organization because of home limitations. Today I’d like to share with you some clever home storage solutions for every room in your home.


One of the most important solutions to bedroom organization is adequate closet space. These days creative shelving systems inside closets like shoe shelves, hanging rods and cubbies turn even the smallest closets into efficient, multi-purpose storage solutions. Don’t forget to take advantage of the backside of the closet door by using it to attach a mirror or hang hooks or rods for storing scarves, belts or jewelry. Storage boxes or totes also come in handy when organizing and maximizing closet space. Opt for transparent containers so you can see what’s inside. Don’t forget to go through the contents of your closet and repurpose or donate items you no longer use. Finally, lighting options inside closets allow homeowners to easily find what they’re looking for and neatly return items back into their designated spot.


Bathrooms are notoriously small and lacking in closets and storage options. One storage solution is wall shelving or cabinets that can house a variety of toiletries while maintaining an organized look. A new vanity with storage drawers can also offer solutions to clutter in the bathroom. Linen closets are a must in new construction and remodeling projects. If you have the space, incorporating a storage tower or ladder bookcase might just be enough to get organized. Peg rails and hooks are a couple simple storage solutions that can have a big impact on organizing your bathroom.


One of the best organization options for mudrooms is incorporating locker systems into the space. There are so many different configurations that can customize the space to your needs. From benches and open cubbies to concealed cabinets, drawers, shelves, and hooks, the options for locker areas are endless and can turn your mudroom into an organized area filled with functional storage.

Kids Play Areas

Kids spaces are always in need of organization. If you don’t have a designated play room try to find a nook or space to allocate to kid’s toys—think outside the box, like under the staircase. Once you have a space pinpointed, try to round up all the toys and keep them in this space. Bookshelves, cubbies, totes and containers, desks and toy chests can all help in the organizing of kids toys and allows you to keep the rest of your home free from the clutter of toys.


My favorite room to organize is the kitchen. Top on my list for every kitchen is a garbage and recycling center. Kitchen pantries are a close second. Pantries are great for storing oversized items or thinks you like to stock up on. Pantries can be added with cabinetry or construction. If your kitchen lacks a pantry think about options for adding one.  Other ways to add organization to the kitchen include cutlery divers for drawers, vertical tray dividers for small unusable cabinets, spice racks, open shelving, wine racks and more.

There are so many ways to add organization to your life. Cold temperatures outside are a great excuse to stay indoors and get your home organized by decluttering and adding storage solutions that will make organization easier to maintain.

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